In 1977, while both disco music and punk ruled the world, I started my own life’s journey, during a typical italian hot summer. Since childhood I spent much more time drawing on paper than playing soccer as most of other italian kids did. I think that it could be considered weird in some ways by any italian "signor Rossi", but who cares? Creating images just fascinated me.

On 12 I saw for the first time some paintings on a wall of my city: I got in touch with Graffiti, that soon became one of the most important things of my life. Being a writer has been my way for more than ten years. It’s been the reason to spend hours and hours sketching and passing many cold nights outside on a mission and it has still a big influence on me and the way I thinks about painting nowadays.

2001: time to push things forward.
I started to feel limited about letters and spraycans and I decided to put my whole attention different medias and to characters, evolving in a completely different way the figures I often painted next to my pieces.

So I began a research about lines, shapes and solid aspects of the colours, using human bodies and its parts as main subject. Lines of the figure become idealized, renewed and often unreal; strokes become bones, while paint’s matter turns into flesh.

I love to put my works on useless and broken items, to give to these decayed supports a new dimension and a new dignity. Plus, the painting gets stronger by the frequent use of eroded supports.


Fate a modo.





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